Take a moment and think back on some of your favorite memories with your friends. Was it the time you snuck out of the house to go TP another friends house? (True story). Maybe it’s having coffee at that really great café on that really great trip where you laughed for days. What about that time that you called your friend in the middle of the night to pray for you, because she was the only person who could comprehend the grief that woke you in the first place. All of these experiences took place in community-whether large or small. They are shared experiences that bond us humans together and it is these very relationships that we are created to have.

A recent study in the US states there has been a three-fold increase in the last twenty years in the number of Americans who say they have no one to confide in. The study also suggests that low social interaction harms longevity as much as alcoholism and smoking, has more negative impact than lack of exercise, and is twice as harmful as obesity.

Beyond social interaction though, people are longing for meaning, for purpose, and frankly, for Jesus. They want to feel known and loved by God, and called for a purpose. They want to have people to “do life with.” At Revive Ministries, we have been there, wondering how we fit into God’s story, unsure of of His love and desperately hoping for more in life. It was when we found our identity in Christ, we found passion, purpose and power to make a difference in our relationships, in our families, in the community and world around us. Our mission is to help women do exactly that.

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be sharing more of our story, what it is we do at Revive Ministries and some testimonies from women the ministry has impacted. We will also be telling you about a BIG opportunity that is coming our way very, very soon. Our hope is that you will join us over the next week or so and learn more about what God is doing through Revive Ministries.

Stay tuned!

Summer Shore & Melissa Campbell