Online Bible Study

Imagine having total confidence in who you are, secure in where you’ve come from and in where you are going.  Life can be hard, chaotic and confusing. It’s easy for us to lose sight of who we are and who we are supposed to be, and lose our joy in the process. We can end up feeling numb, having lost our passion for life and for God. The truth is that God is here, pursuing us. He gently reminds us that we have a divine purpose. We want women everywhere to find their passion again as they embrace their identity as God’s daughters. It is in this identity that we are revived, and our passion and purpose are made clear in the power of Christ.

Join us for this online Bible study as we discover together what it means to be daughters of the King! During this 3-week women’s online Bible study, you will receive daily devotional emails, resources to dig deeper, & weekly teaching videos.