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Custom Retreat Experiences

We would love to help make your women's retreat an amazing time to grow in faith and connect with God!

Experience a relaxing and refreshing retreat experience with your church and community by having a Revive Retreat. Revive Ministries can provide a weekend retreat for your group that has a balance of light-hearted fellowship, sincere worship, and biblical teaching to grow in the knowledge and love of Christ. A combination of large group sessions, smaller breakout discussion group time, paired with individual time for reflection, will provide multiple opportunities to grow in your faith and connect with God. We can customize the experience to your group and provide as little or as much as you need (see package options below). We currently have two themes to choose from for a full retreat experience.



Finding your identity in christ

Everyday women that are searching for a way to experience God more in their daily life, and live purposeful and fulfilling lives. This retreat is dedicated to helping women find their passion, purpose and power in Christ. We live in a culture saturated with images and opinions of who we should be. Knowing who we are, in light of who Jesus is, changes everything! We want women to know God’s Word and find life-giving purpose in the kingdom of God. When our identity is firmly established in Jesus, it changes everything. It shapes every decision, every relationship, and our how we respond in every circumstance. Through this retreat, our hope is that women will experience revival as they embrace their identity as daughters of the King!

Presented by Summer Shore & Melissa Campbell (Approx. 45 min each)

“The Power of a Name”: Exploring the source of our identity, how we define ourselves and what the Bible says about who we truly are.

“Renewing our Passion for Christ”: Looking at ourselves through the lens of God’s great love for us and discovering how we can live as God’s beloved in our everyday lives.

“Created For Purpose”: Determining our spiritual gifts and what makes us each uniquely gifted to serve God and serve others.

“Empowered Through the Spirit”: Often times we have the desire to do great things for God but are hindered by fear and doubt, which can keep us from living the life God is calling us to. We will learn how to step out in faith and overcome fear and doubt through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Through Her Eyes

Experiencing God's Love Through Women of the Bible

Seeing ourselves as God’s beloved isn’t always easy. During this retreat, we will take a look at how God lovingly interacts with different women of the Bible and invites them into the work He is doing. Throughout the gospels, we can see time and time again how much Jesus loved the people he came to save. As we learn more about each woman’s story, we will see how she experienced God, and discover how much God values and cherishes each one of us.

Presented by Summer Shore & Melissa Campbell (Approx. 45 min each)

“Experiencing the Love of Christ”: Understanding how much we are loved by God is foundational to our identity and how we interact with the world around us. As we allow God to be the defining relationship in our lives, we find our confidence in His love for us.

“Experiencing God’s Compassion & Restoration”: God sees our suffering and our shame and longs to bring healing and restoration to our souls. He is compassionate and tender with us in our weakness. Through the stories of the Woman at the Well and the Woman with Ongoing Bleeding, we see God going to incredible lengths to restore His people to abundant life.

“The Power of Your Story”: Often we define ourselves by the details of our story instead of the outcomes. Mary-Magdalene was described as a lot of things, but Jesus called her by name. He redeemed her story and she became the first gospel-bearer. Together we will learn how each of our stories has the power to change the world through Jesus who loves us and calls us by name.

“The Power of A Prayerful ‘Yes'”: God has a purpose for us and has placed each of us where we are for a purpose. As we explore the story of Esther, we will be encouraged, knowing that with Christ we can overcome fear and doubt, and confidently say “yes” when the Lord invites us into his divine work.

Custom Retreat options

Speaking Package

  • 4 main session talks
  • 2 small-group sessions
  • Handouts and materials
  • All main session slides

Activity Package

  • Icebreaker Activity
  • Keepsake Craft
  • Prayer Area/Self-guided Activity
  • Take-away Activity
  • Photo Booth

Worship Package

Need a worship team? Revive has partnered with several worship leaders and can provide a team to meet your group’s needs. 

“It’s wonderful to rest in the knowledge of how much God loves me. It’s refreshing to let go of my insecurity and grasp the truth of who I REALLY am. I totally embrace the truth that in Christ I am enough and His spirit lives in me. Praise God!” ~ Bree

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