Kara Deal

Kara Deal is a speaker for local retreats, churches and women’s events, as well a regular guest on the Experience Revival podcast. She is also a regular speaker at the Revive! Conference. Kara is a gifted story-teller whose warmth and humor will encourage you and make you feel like family. She has a heart for the marginalized and is passionate about helping women cultivate meaningful relationships in community. Kara and her husband have 4 kids and live in Vancouver, Washington.


When we are going through difficult seasons in life, it can feel hard to find lasting hope. But looking back at how God has moved and worked in our past can help us in the situations we are currently facing. In this talk, we will explore how looking back at the trials we’ve faced in our personal stories and in our walks of faith, can actually help us see the faithfulness of God. As we experience God’s faithfulness in our own lives and through Scripture, we will be reminded of His character, grow in our faith and be anchored in hope, so that we can overcome anything we are facing today.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a good friend to others when we don’t know how to be a good friend to ourselves, loving and seeing ourselves as God does. During this talk we examine the hard and holy work of treating others well by believing you yourself has value. We will look at examples of faith stories in the Bible where believers had to first see their inherent value given to them by God, before they were able to love others the way God intends.

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